Welcome to the Engberg family!


We are a married couple from Sweden and are currently based in Oslo Norway. We are educated personal trainers, nutritional advisors and lifestyle coaches. Together we run our online coaching company


Our journey into the health and fitness industry was not the typical one and here is

our story...

The story behind Fit By Engberg started at a tent site in the Sahara Desert in Sudan. We sat and discussed our life, dreams and future while the dinner simmered over the fire. The sun was just about to set and the sand dunes around us was glowing in red.


A few days earlier we had gotten off the crowded ferry that took us between Egypt and Sudan. We rode our bike from the port of Wadi Halfa and the first thing that met us was the great desert with sand dunes as far as the eye could see. We felt a huge doubt of our capacity for the challenge ahead. With all of Europe behind us and the African continent waiting, we began to question ourselves. To cycle the African continent unsupported and with Type 1 diabetes. 

What have we gotten ourselves into?



Halfway through the Sahara Desert, we realized that our abilities were enough to take us all the way to Cape Town. The journey's challenges had slowly, mile by mile helped us believe in ourselves.  

It became clear to us:

All you want to achieve in life can be accomplished!


You have to dare to dream big, set goals that scare you and be prepared to do what is required to reach them. This overwhelming insight made us think about how we would live our lives after the adventure. An insight that today affects every decision we make!


After almost a year on the same bike, we realized that we were a strong and unbeatable duo. The dream of building a company together was born.We wanted to help other people to experience the same feeling of having the power over the body and mind. To feel strong, confident and alive. 


FitByEngberg's vision became clear:

"We want people to realize their goals!"

We want to help you get the energy, strength and focus needed to live the life you dream about! With a fit and strong body, mental muscles and healthy eating habits that give you energy and a higher quality of life! Our passion is to see people upgrade their habits and realize their capacity!


Believe in yourself, trust your abilities and chase your dreams!



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